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Binney & Smith becomes Crayola LLC

On January 1, 2007, Binney & Smith™, maker of Crayola® crayons and markers, became Crayola LLC, reflecting the company's No. 1 brand and its fast-forward, innovative direction. The company is now informally known as Crayola.

This organizational and name change showcases the company's Crayola brand, sold by Binney Binney & Smith since 1903. The Crayola name has 99% recognition among U.S. consumer households, is sold in more than 80 different countries and represents innovation, fun, kids and quality. The change also promotes and reflects the company's new direction with consumers, customers, suppliers, employees and others audiences.

The changeover to Crayola does not diminish the importance of the company's great heritage or its founders, Edwin Binney Binney & C. Harold Smith. Our company is steeped in its heritage and will continue to recognize and honor the important role our founders and Alice Binney – who coined the word 'Crayola' – have played.

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